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Privacy Policy

This is a privacy statement for the Pound Gates website, location being:

Pound Gates handles both its customers and visitors information with the utmost respect, care and confidentiality.

Pound Gates does not use “cookies” to follow the navigational patterns of its customers or visitors, nor does it use them to collect information for use by third parties for marketing purposes.

Pound Gates may in some cases use the information collected on the site for marketing purposes. This may be in the form of site updates, conference notifications or general sales information. Those who wish to be excluded from such mailings should notify us at Information regarding individuals or companies usage of the Pound Gates site will be kept confidential and will only be available to those who require it for the efficient operation of the Pound Gates site.

All customer user names and passwords are confidential and will not be available to anyone outside Pound Gates for any reason.

All information collected by Pound Gates is stored as securely as possible and is available only to authorised Pound Gates staff.

Pound Gates will cooperate in any legal investigations of our subscribers or visitors and will in this event surrender any information we are ordered to by a court.

Pound Gates accepts no responsibility for the privacy policies of any sites visitors can access through our website.

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CP Manufacturing Europe Limited 02/03/2016