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Construction and Civil Engineering

Pound Gates Insurance Brokers approach Construction and Civil Engineering risks with a full understanding of the need to manage risk and its presentation to Underwriters in a way that removes any misunderstanding.

Our unique broking methodology has proved highly successful across the sector because we focus on how much you already work hard on health & safety and risk reduction. We aim to make you understood by insurers.

Our advice and support to clients includes:

  • Builders Risk/Construction and Erection “All Risks”
  • Third Party Liability
  • Delay in Start-up
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Performance Bonds and Latent Defects
  • Environmental Liability and Non-Damage Delays

In addition to a client focused approach to providing prompt solutions.

To discuss our approach further, contact our experts on 01473 346046 or email

I'm sending you this note to personally thank you and your firm for a continuing level of excellence in handling our insurance matters, and in particular, always striving to keep the costs at a reasonable level. In today's competitive environment, saving money wherever possible is a necessity, and when achieved, should be recognised - CP Manufacturing Europe Limited

CP Manufacturing Europe Limited 02/03/2016