Our History and Brand

Our business is built on more than 25 years of experience. We are proud of our heritage.

In 1988 Allan Pound was an insurance broker at Lloyd’s of London and Ivan Gates was a freight forwarding agent in Felixstowe.

Based on a long-standing business friendship they decided to start a new business together, Pound Gates Group, based in Ipswich. The Group included Pound Gates & Co Ltd, an insurance broker with a specialism in marine and transit risks.

The Group also included Sevatas, a business focused on the finished vehicle logistics sector. Sevatas is now the European leader in the provision of risk management, claims and damage reduction solutions to the finished vehicle logistics sector.

In 2002 Kevin Collins took over Pound Gates and has led the business through a period of significant growth based on a strong focus on its specialisms. In 2010 the Group de-merged creating independence for each business supporting further focus and investment in their activity and client sectors.

We have grown to be a prominent commercial and corporate broker in the East of England.

We balance the desire for business success with the needs of the wider communities in which we are active and upon which we have an impact.

We have a website that tells users about the “Doing Good” activity of Pound Gates and Sevatas. The website is for staff and other interested parties who want to follow what our “Doing Good” goals are, what we are up to, the causes we are supporting and the results achieved.

Pound Gates and Sevatas are businesses owned by Kevin Collins. By combining the resources of the businesses throughout the UK and Europe we have over 100 staff in multiple locations doing good in their communities. The businesses also have a wide range of clients and suppliers who we see as a crucial part of the resources and raising awareness that can help us achieve our “Doing Good” goals.

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I'm sending you this note to personally thank you and your firm for a continuing level of excellence in handling our insurance matters, and in particular, always striving to keep the costs at a reasonable level. In today's competitive environment, saving money wherever possible is a necessity, and when achieved, should be recognised - CP Manufacturing Europe Limited

CP Manufacturing Europe Limited 02/03/2016