Client Case Study

In 2010 Pound Gates were approached by a tank container leasing company at an ITCO meeting in Europe, having heard great reviews from existing clients.

The company was taking a very different approach to insuring when their lessees needed insurance in addition to tank containers. In essence separate policies were being arranged per contract.

Although the leasing company’s existing broker did put up a fight to try not to lose their client, the specialist wording and ability to extend the Pound Gates Damage Protection Policy (DPP) to include operators meant the solution met the leasing company’s needs fully. In addition, Pound Gates provided training and resources to support further inclusion of operators within the lessors’ policy thus giving the client, and their investors, some much needed comfort on the quality of insurance in place on their tanks.

Tank containers are a highly specialist piece of equipment and damage to them needs to be managed and dealt with carefully. Pound Gates really understand the business having been involved for the last twenty years

I'm sending you this note to personally thank you and your firm for a continuing level of excellence in handling our insurance matters, and in particular, always striving to keep the costs at a reasonable level. In today's competitive environment, saving money wherever possible is a necessity, and when achieved, should be recognised - CP Manufacturing Europe Limited

CP Manufacturing Europe Limited 02/03/2016