Managing Risk

Insurance is about the transfer of risk from you to your insurer, but insurance is one small element of an overall risk management approach.

We use our extensive experience as a risk manager to develop solutions which help our clients identify and manage their business risks, helping them to understand the context of insurance within the larger risk picture.

Our approach is to add objectivity and experience to our clients’ risk exposures, using powerful risk management tools and tactics to inform and support their risk management strategy. Our recommended approach is detailed over the next few pages of our website, under the following headings:

  • A recommended approach to Risk Management
    • Context
    • Framework
    • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Identification
  • Assessment and Impact analysis
  • Evaluation – risk tolerance and appetite
  • Management of Risk
    • Risk treatment
    • Business Continuity Plan
    • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Review and Improve

As experts in risk we will help you strike the right balance between risk management and insurance. Working on risk management will always have benefits, and in many cases is simply good management.

We have over 25 years experience of working in risk management which means we can help with every form of risk support with a library of guidance notes, templates and tools. Our resources and team will assist your business to minimise the possibility of an interruption to its success and assess its capacity for risk in the future.

I'm sending you this note to personally thank you and your firm for a continuing level of excellence in handling our insurance matters, and in particular, always striving to keep the costs at a reasonable level. In today's competitive environment, saving money wherever possible is a necessity, and when achieved, should be recognised - CP Manufacturing Europe Limited

CP Manufacturing Europe Limited 02/03/2016