We recognise that Post Production Houses are an essential part and final stage of any production project. The many creative processes you perform, such as colour correction, adding images, graphics, music, special effects and delivering that all important final polish to the project, requires maintaining business operations and keeping unforeseen delays to a minimum, especially whilst working to time critical deadlines.

Post-Production Houses

With this in mind, we aim to ensure that post production insurance does not become a barrier to conducting business with your clients. We work closely with specialist markets and have access to unique cover options tailored to the media sector, which includes the following benefits:

  • Public Liability (worldwide)
  • Employers’ Liability (full worldwide cover for UK employees and freelancers)
  • Full worldwide cover for property and technical equipment (owned and hired in)
  • Electrical & Mechanical breakdown of technical kit (repair or replacement including temporary hire costs)
  • Alternative hired in equipment cover and additional hire costs
  • Continuing hire charges
  • Money – at the premises, in transit and on location
  • Business Interruption (including free advice on business continuity planning)
  • Terrorism

In addition to the above we offer a wide range of specialist insurance products to protect you against ever present and evolving risks associated with your business, including;

Professional Indemnity/Errors and Omissions

There are a number of situations which could lead to a claim being made against you for perceived professional negligence. The more common scenarios include: failing to meet your clients’ expectations, infringement of intellectual property rights e.g. copyright or trademark, defamation of character (libel or slander) and loss, and theft or damage to sensitive client documents or data in your care.

Adopting best practice by implementing processes and controls can significantly reduce the potential for claims to arise. There is however, an increased risk of errors and omissions occurring whilst rushing to meet tight deadlines. We will be pleased to talk through the potential claims scenarios specific to Post Production in more detail and advise you on the products available to protect you against the costs associated with Professional Indemnity claims.

Cyber Liability and Crime

As technology rapidly advances so too does the risk of falling victim to cyber criminals. Companies with less security protocols and protections are attractive targets for cyber-criminals.  This includes the potential for someone to hack into your systems and hold a project or finished article to ransom, just as you are due to release it to your client ready for an impending and time critical launch date.

It is estimated that 72 percent of data breaches occur at companies with less than 100 employees. There can be significant costs to the business following a cyber-attack and we will be pleased to discuss with you the various options available to insure against such costs.

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