Lessees and Operators

Pound Gates provides an insurance and risk management package specifically geared to the requirements of Lessee or Operator companies involved in the tank container industry. Our product solution is immediate based upon a short set of questions.

Operators often need cover and quickly. Our response is straightforward and allows for the immediate issue of paperwork to comply with leasing company needs and those of the cargo owner.

Our solution is an insurance programme that meets the compliance and insurance requirements of Operators as a package. Cover includes the following:

  • Physical loss or damage to tank containers
  • Liabilities to third parties and/or cargo owners
  • Repatriation and repositioning costs

In addition insurance for liabilities arising from:

  • Unintentional breach of warranty or authority
  • Delay in performing contractual obligations
  • Delivery of Cargo contrary to instructions to withhold
  • Error or omission from any Bill of Lading, Waybill or other transportation document
  • Unintentional negligent acts, errors or omissions
  • Liability imposed by an authority or confiscation by an authority

Our in-house underwriting, administration and claims service makes insurance simple and easy to use.

Pound Gates paperwork is accepted around the world because we are recognised as the global insurance experts.

To discuss our approach further, contact Debbie Standring on 01473 346039 or request a call back.

For more information contact:

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