Trade Associations

International Tank Container Organisation (ITCO):

International Tank Container Organisation (ITCO)ITCO is the globally recognised trade association for the tank container industry.

ITCO Objectives:

  • The worldwide promotion of the tank container concept and development of the tank container industry
  • Establishment of industry codes of practice
  • Representation of the tank container industry at all levels on a global basis

ITCO has taken a major initiative in promoting equipment quality and safety through the development of tank inspection criteria and guidelines. The objective of an industry-wide code of practice is to establish the minimum acceptable standards in the manufacturing, operating and leasing of tank containers.


“Pound Gates are a valued member and contributor to the International Tank Container Organisation (ITCO) and have been so for many years. We work with them both as an ITCO member and as our broker, so we recognise their methodology of questioning and understanding – and their ability to make clear proposals. Their intelligent solutions and expertise to meet ITCO’s requirements has been highly valued.”

The Asia Tank Container AssociationAsia Tank Container Association (ATCA)The Asia Tank Container Association is a not-for-profit organization, registered in the Republic of Singapore. It is an association engaging predominantly with the ISO-tank container industry and communicating with related industries.

The Association is represented by a congress of trade professionals and aspiring practitioners to advocate and promulgate the developments of the tank container industry in Asia.

Their objectives are as follows:

  • To promote and spearhead the development of the tank container industry;
  • To protect and safeguard the interests of the Members in the Association;
  • To develop training, guidelines and seminars to improve the overall technical capabilities in the tank container industry.

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